Stellar Systems Staff

Andy Fograscher
309-677-7350 x1016

Andy helped pioneer Stellar Systems over 30 years ago, and today is the man in the corner office, running Stellar Systems.
Mary M
Office Manager: Document Imaging / Email
309-677-7350 x1017

Mary wears many hats at Stellar Systems. She oversees and markets document imaging services. She is the main set up and support person for our email customers. Mary is also our office manager and handles HR.
Scott Gilles
Software Development Manager
309-677-7350 x1020

Scott manages the development process for projects from the sale to the final launch. He also is involved in supporting all existing software, websites and even some network setup.
Jeff Machacek
Network Support
309-677-7350 x1022

Jeff documents and maintains the internal/external IT and network solutions for Stellar Systems and Stellar Systems' clients.
Adam Smith
309-677-7350 x1018

Adam creates and maintains web and desktop applications.
Matthew Anderson
309-677-7350 x1024

Lucas Chase
Network Support
309-677-7350 x1014

Colleen Johnson
Development Director
309-677-7350 x1025

Colleen works as a community liaison and pursuing growth within Stellar.
Dwight Rhoads
Software Applications Development
309-677-7350 x1019

Dwight develops traditional Windows based applications, working with a variety of languages and tools. He also develops embedded software applications for specialized systems.
Susan Williams
Document Imaging Supervisor

Sue helps manage the staff and workflow for Stellar Systems' document imaging services.
Kathy Stanley
Document Imaging Specialist

Kathy is one of our most experienced document imaging specialists.
Bobby Stanley
Document Imaging Specialist

Chris Moore
Custodial / Courier

Chris is our courier and takes care of our custodial services.
Jeremy Mahring
Customer Support / Audits

Jeremy assists with database updates, internal audits and document imaging tasks.