Our Digitization Process

Stellar Systems digitalizes your documents and records with our scanning and imaging services that make them easy and quick to access.

Our imaging and scanning specialists typically perform all of the processing steps, however, you may wish to perform some of the organizational and cleaning steps yourself. We're flexible; you can elect to be as involved as you choose throughout the conversion process.

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  1. Document Retrieval

    You can either drop off your paper documents or microfilm, or request that we pick them up from your office. Either way, you will reclaim all your space lost to bulky records, giving your team room to work more effectively.

  2. Sorting and Cleaning

    Our careful preparation of your records ensures that all relevant documents are scanned. This guarantees your electronic records will be complete.

  3. Custom Indexing

    Your records will be carefully cross-indexed to your specific business requirements, then verified to ensure availability when you need them.

  4. Scanning

    Our high-speed scanning equipment accommodates a variety of paper types, textures, and sizes. It also handles both single- and double-sided documents. This flexibility means you don't have to worry about the condition of your records.

  5. Creating Media Distribution

    Your wall of paper will be converted into a media distribution option of your choice! These digital copies eliminate your storage woes while providing the added security of off-site backups.

  6. Document Delivery

    After careful inspection, your new digital copies will be delivered to you on your preferred storage device (CD, DVD, flash drive, etc.). We can return your paper documents, or we can have them securely destroyed.

    You can now access any file in a matter of seconds without even leaving your desk. Imagine the time and energy your staff will save with Stellar Systems' Document Imaging Solution!

Contact us for your document and microfilm digitalization needs

quote start We here at the Community Foundation have the very distinct pleasure of having Jeff Machacek as our support person from Stellar. Jeff is always polite, professional and a real pleasure to work with. He always gets the job done quickly and professionally, and always checks back with us to make sure that everything is still working properly. He always makes sure to introduce himself to new employees so that they can put a face with the name! As the “face” of Stellar here at CFCI, his skills, manner and professionalism make a very good impression for your company! quote end