Document Imaging and Scanning Services

Stellar Systems can help you manage your documents using our scanning and imaging services.

Stellar Systems' Document Imaging and Scanning Services, formerly Peoria Scanning Technologies, is the answer for all your document imaging, scanning, archiving, and microfilm conversion needs.

We provide customizable scanning services to digitize any type of physical media to suit your specific needs. Our solutions make it easy to quickly access your archived documents.

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Have You Ever:

  • Spent hours looking for an important document?
  • Worried about the security of your files from theft and fire?
  • Spent more money than you expected on physical document storage?
  • Filled up valuable office space with filing cabinets or boxes of records?

We have the answer! We can save you time, money, and space by converting your bulky paper documents to secure, easy to access digital images. Our scanning solutions provide additional benefits and value you may not have considered.

Our digitalization process includes one of our scanning professionals picking up your paper documents or microfilm, converting them to digital images, adding your chosen index or number of indexes, and returning the files to you in your chosen format. Once your documents are converted, you can access them on stand-alone or networked workstations.

What if I Have Very Specific Document Imaging Needs?

Stellar Systems has the management and development resources to support many existing document management systems. We will work with you to determine the right solution for you. Please refer to the comprehensive list of services we offer.

Industries we serve:

  • Medical Practices
  • Educational Institutions
  • Legal Firms
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Financial Institutions (Banks, Investment Companies)
  • Manufacturers
  • Union Halls
  • Government Agencies
  • ...and many others

Our staff and services are HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

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quote start We here at the Community Foundation have the very distinct pleasure of having Jeff Machacek as our support person from Stellar. Jeff is always polite, professional and a real pleasure to work with. He always gets the job done quickly and professionally, and always checks back with us to make sure that everything is still working properly. He always makes sure to introduce himself to new employees so that they can put a face with the name! As the “face” of Stellar here at CFCI, his skills, manner and professionalism make a very good impression for your company! quote end