Document Scanning and Digitization Projects

Stellar Systems digitalizes your documents and records with our scanning and imaging services that can save you space and help to archive your records effectively and efficiently.

Stellar Systems has extensive experience working on custom document scanning and imaging projects for clients from all industries. We are capable of fulfilling any and all of your business needs for document digitalization.

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Scanned Patient Medical Charts

Patient medical charts were scanned for a local hospital when several physicians moved on to start their own practices. As patients signed transfer authorizations, charts were scanned providing both the hospital and the physician with the images.

Scanned Arbitration Cases

Arbitration cases for a local union were converted to digital images. The resulting files were then uploaded to a secure website (that was created by Stellar Systems, Inc.). The images were password-protected and were made available to select union officials across the country.

Financial Documents

Financial documents, tax returns and loan information for individual and business accounts were scanned for a bank. The images were added to their private intranet to share between their branches allowing them to assist their customers from any of their institutions.

Record Archive of Patient Charts

Stellar Systems digitized patient charts for several medical facilities. Since they have had several patients with the same name over the years, our SiView document management software came in handy as it allows them to access the charts using multiple indexes (IE: name, social security number, date of birth). In addition, if a patient returned years later and a second (updated) chart was created, our software provided the ability to add their new chart.

Microfilm Conversion to PeopleSoft

After having microfilm converted to images for a college, we indexed them in a format that could be imported into the customer's existing PeopleSoft system.

Educational Institutions Digitalization

Educational records such as grade reports, transcripts, rosters, health records, student files and even payroll records have been processed for several small and large school districts and colleges. Like many of our medical clients, our SiView software allowed them to access the scanned records using multiple indexes.

Digitized Governmental Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes were digitized for a government agency.

Scanned Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

Active EOBs are scanned for a medical facility on a weekly basis. Insurance companies may include several patients on one Explanation of Benefits Report. Using our SiView software, the medical facility can easily print selected portions of the EOB for distribution to a customer.

Scan Invoice Receipts

A maintenance company for a large tractor manufacturer had Stellar Systems scan their semi-monthly invoice receipts that accompany their invoices. Several bankers boxes of receipts were consolidated to a CD.

Patent Lawsuit Document Digitization

During a large patent lawsuit, 100 bankers boxes were reduced to a handful of CDs that were used in the court room to access desired information.

Scanning Accounts Payable Invoices for Insurance Company

Monthly commission statements and accounts payable invoices were scanned for an insurance company allowing them to utilize space for additional staff members.

Educational Books Imaging

Imaging educational books eased the move to a new facility for an investment company.

Using OCR For Quick Document Content Access

OCR technology was incorporated for a chemical plant client to enable auditors to quickly access documents. This same process was used for a shopping mall owner which allowed him to access lease agreements for review and renewal.

Scanning Compliance Logs

Compliance logs were scanned for a medical facility for auditors to quickly and easily access results.

Annual Personnel Files Scanned

The human resources department at a large school district has their personnel files scanned annually.

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