Imaging and Scanning Benefits

Stellar Systems digitalizes your documents and records with our scanning and imaging services that can help you reclaim office and warehouse space.

Here are some reasons why converting your paper documents or microfilm rolls to digital files makes so much sense.

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  • Reclaim Office/Warehouse Space
    Turn those file cabinets, boxes, and piles of paper records back into usable office space. After converting paper documents to a digital format, per our digitalization process, the paper documents can be either destroyed or archived.
  • End Delays Searching for Lost, Misplaced or Misfiled Documents
    Digitally scanned documents can't be misfiled and don't need to be refiled because they always reside on the computer. The files can be accessed by a single user or by multiple users in different locations.
  • Eliminate Document Storage Fees
    Paper documents can be eliminated along with the cost to store and archive them. Your text, graphics, and documents of all sizes are scanned onto digital media as permanent records.
  • Eliminate the Inconvenience of Off-Site Document Retrieval
    Records stored on your network and/or media distribution of choice (CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, etc.) take up so little space that you will never need an off-site warehouse to store them.
  • View, Print, Email or Fax Documents Without Leaving Your Desk
    With a few mouse clicks, access any document from Windows based PCs or we can customize a solution to work with your existing system(s).
  • Preserve Microfilmed Images
    Microfilm deteriorates over time which could result in lost documents. By converting them to digital document images, they can be accessed far more quickly, and you will never have to worry about them deteriorating.
  • Password Protection Keeps Information Secure
    Password protection is an optional security feature that we offer within our SiView software that prevents unauthorized access to confidential information. Security can also be implemented through network access rights and other external measures.
  • Disaster Proof
    Your scanned files will be backed up off-site on CDs. This will give you extra peace of mind in the event of an accident or loss to your facility or computers.
  • Improve Time Management
    Retrieval is easy and quick (much faster than microfilm or microfiche access) using your selected indexes.

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quote start You did a very very good job considering the size and complexity of this project. thanks from all of the Illinois Dentists.... It will be such a great improvement over what they have had in the past, I cannot imagine anyone that will not like the site. If they do not go "WOW" it is because they have absolutely no idea how difficult or how much time it takes to get things just right. You guys are the best! quote end