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Dwight RhoadsSoftware Applications Development

Phone: 309-677-7350 x1019

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Interests & Hobbies:
Reading... mostly non-fiction and to excess, Cruises; reading on cruises is nice, Electronics projects

Mini Biography:
Dwight has been a software developer for over twenty years now, and has been working with PC applications for over fifteen years. Over these years, Dwight's projects have spanned the gamut from small pilot tests to large commercial products. Along the way, he has seen FORTRAN fade, Pascal slide a little, various scripting languages come and go, and now its mostly C/C++, Delphi and Visual Basic/VB Script. Dwight admits to this guilty confession: "I'd write programs even if no one was paying me." However, he doesn't dream in code.
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quote start FYI - The file opening system that Dwight is working on is GREAT!! My office staff loves it and Dwight has been a joy to work with!! We are getting close to the end I believe and am very thankful we have it in place. quote end

Rich Pflederer, Business Manager/COO of MMI of Illinois, Inc.
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