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Phone: 309-677-7350 x1014

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Interests & Hobbies:
Gaming, YoYo, Disc Golf, Tech Hobbyist

Mini Biography:
Accomplished Windows & VMware server administrator/engineer experienced in Microsoft and VMware server technologies, all levels of desktop and server support, desktop & laptop break/fix, policy development, inventory management, and creation and distribution of training materials. Working full time in the IT field for 7 years, 15+ years of professional experience in technical support fields, and over 22 years experience building, troubleshooting and maintaining PCs. Key accomplishments include turning around a poorly functioning IT department, lacking back-ups, UPS, AV, documentation, consistent policies, ticketing and inventory management. Correcting the departments shortcomings allowed the business operations to stabilize, protected from liabilities and threats. Also performed a complete server refresh from an old under utilized IBM BladeCentre ESXi host to HPE ESXi clustered hosts for a large manufacturing client, including adjustments to VLAN and storage network to improve performance and security. Always seeking to find inefficiencies or where best practices were not implemented and finding cost effective and thought out solutions.


quote start Lucas is amazing at desktop support. He gets along with anyone, has perfect desktop support etiquette and mannerisms, is patient with users, and is knowledgeable. I was floored by how quickly he was able to figure out problems which I had not previously been able to solve. quote end

Jeremiah Johnson / ARI
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