Imaging and Scanning Services

Stellar Systems digitalizes your documents and records with our scanning and imaging services that can help you quickly find the information you need from your archives.

Scanning and Digitalization of Paper Documents

Stellar Systems will assist you to regain your office space, increase production time, and secure your confidential information. Whether it be active or archive files, we can scan your paper documents to create easily accessible computer images. Using our SiView Software will allow you to look up document images using multiple indexes. This is very useful for patient or student files where there is a high potential for individuals with the same name.

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Microfilm Conversion Services

Over past decades, companies saved their paper documents to microfilm and microfiche. This seemed to be an efficient solution to store the archived paper documents and free up storage space. Unfortunately, we are finding out now that microfilm has a limited lifespan.

Stellar Systems can assist to have the microfilm converted to computer images before the microfiche deteriorates beyond a usable stage. When you need to retrieve your documents, those that have been scanned can be found almost instantly on a computer, compared with having to search through rolls of microfilm from a special reader.

Custom Indexes For Finding Your Information Quickly

Stellar Systems' document management software is able to support custom indexing of documents so that you can use multiple indexes to find the exact document you need amongst many similar documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for your Documents

Stellar Systems is able to leverage OCR technology to make your scanned documents fully indexable and quickly searchable.

Custom Digital Document Formats

Depending on your needs and how you will be using and accessing your files, images can be made available in a number of formats including the two most industry standard TIF and PDF formats.


Privacy compliance specifications or legislation, is a priority at Stellar Systems. Our imaging staff and services are HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

We add additional security to ensure unauthorized access by processing our customer’s files on an internal network that is NOT connected to the Internet - reducing unnecessary exposure to data breaches. In addition, our facility is secured with employee fob access only.

Additional Cross Checks that Guarantee Document Digitization Quality

Because we understand that your documents are irreplaceable, Stellar Systems incorporates additional checks and verifications throughout the imaging process to ensure all pages are accounted for.

Every document is verified for legibility and as it is scanned and matching manual file counts to computer scan counts are just a few of the additional cross checks we have incorporated into our process.

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Andy Fograscher

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