For detailed instructions on how to login and configure your desktop E-mail manager, click on the appropriate link:

Outlook 2010/2013/2016 - IMAP
Outlook 2010/2013/2016 - POP
Outlook 2007



For detailed instructions on how to login and configure your web-based email, click here .


Web-based email access allows you to access the email in your inbox while you are away from your office or home PC that you regularly use to check email. You can even use this email method as your primary means of email and not even use your email client software.


Stellar Systems integrates Barracuda Email Security Services to provide professional anti-virus and anti-spam email protection. View our detailed documentation for more information.


For more detailed instructions on how to manage your spam mail, blacklists and whitelists, click here.


Spam filtering is available to all email accounts that we host. We have several ways to handle spam:


1.    Send all mail to a web-based Spam folder. This option is the default for all users*. Messages sent to this folder will have a markup to the subject line with a percentage probability of the message’s “spamness”. Most of these scores will be 99% or higher, but you will occasionally see lower scores. If you are not receiving email that you have been expecting, it most likely is in your spam folder. To access the spam folder, login to your web-based email account and go to the spam folder located under the Folders tab. All spam email is kept for 14 days before it is automatically deleted.


2.   Send mail to the inbox normally, but keep the subject line markup of the spam probability percentage intact. This method continues to send email to your inbox, but you have the flexibility to create filters to pull these messages out of your email client’s inbox and put them into a separate folder in your email client software on your computer. Most newer clients like Outlook and Outlook Express have this capability.


3.   No filtering at all. Some clients don’t want to have the spam filtering turned on, so we can change this option on a user by user basis.


* For those clients that have email accounts that we  forward to outside email addresses (like AOL or MSN), spam folders are not turned on by default, because there is no mail to store. We can send the message through to your outside account unaltered, or with the subject line changed with the spam probability percentage. We can also collect the spam on our server for you to manage via the webmail interface. This can also be used to manage the challenge-response queue (discussed on the page detailing the spam folders).



Stellar Systems integrates Barracuda Email Encryption Services to provide professional email encryption tools to communicate securely through email. View our detailed documentation for more information.




In addition to these services, we also scan all inbound email messages for virus attachments. The server updates itself hourly for new viruses, so you can rest assured that any new threats will be caught fairly quickly as soon as they are detected. If the server detects a virus or disallowed attachment in an email, it will never come to your inbox. The mail server will simply refuse to accept it. No notifications are sent to the sender or receiver. This keeps traffic down to a minimum. All email with the following attachments types will be refused by the antivirus filters: .VBS, .PIF, .HTA, .SCR, .REG, .BAT, .COM, .LNK, .EXE, .CMD, .CPL, and .RAR. In almost 99% of cases, email viruses exploit themselves with these extensions, and there is usually no reason to be sending these file types via email. If you really need to send a file of these types through email, you will have to send it inside a .ZIP file or other archive type. One note worth mentioning: password-protected .ZIP files will also be refused by the server. This is because various strains of the MYDOOM and NETSKY viruses try to send themselves with an email attachment that is a password-protected .ZIP file. Rather than risk anyone getting an infected email, we have to assume every email message is a potential time bomb waiting to be unleashed by the unwary user. If you absolutely have to send a password protected .ZIP file, rename the extension before sending it, or upload it to a web server or FTP server where the other person can download it outside of email.



In addition to the normal POP3 and SMTP offerings you normally receive, we also offer IMAP mail service. This service is a kind of special version of POP3 service in that you can check mail in your email client, but the mail is left on the server. In addition to accessing email messages, customized folders can also be created and accessed through the mail client. These folders and messages are also available via web-based email, and in some cases, the folders can be shared across multiple accounts. This option is not available by default, but can be requested. Please call or email us for details.


As always with any of your support needs, questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.


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