Document Imaging Services

Have You Ever:

  • Spent hours looking for an important document?
  • Worried about the security of your documents from theft and fire?
  • Spent more money than you expected on document storage?
  • Filled up valuable office space with boxes of files?

Stellar Systems, Inc. has the answer!
We can save you time, money, and space by converting all of your bulky paper files to secure, easy to access electronic records. Our Document Imaging solutions also provide additional benefits and value you may have not considered.

A friendly Stellar Systems staff person will pick up your paper files. Your documents will be promptly converted to computer images, cross-indexed, and returned as CDs, containing all your files.

Stellar will customize your system to your specific business requirements. Please refer to the comprehensive list of services we perform.

Once your files are converted, you can view them on a stand-alone PC or from networked PC's.

What if I Have Very Specific Document Imaging Needs?
Stellar developed its own application to allow customization for specific customer needs. However, often times a prospective customer already has time and dollars invested in another document imaging system, and for any number of valid reasons it is time to make significant changes. Stellar has the management and developmental resources to support many existing systems (adding and maintaining content), or we can convert an existing system's content to Stellar’s flexible document imaging environment.